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PRO10 Custom Ear Plugs laser

ACS PRO10 Custom Ear Plugs
Custom made soft silicone ear plugs with the lightest hearing protection filter in the PRO range, giving softer attenuation for delicate and detailed acoustic performance.
For info on product options, see the 'Optional Extras' tab below.
Price per pair.

Rev 33 Truesound™

The REV33 is a revolutionary new product developed to reduce ear fatigue Please select your IEM from the dropdown to ensure you get the correct model.

Broadcast Mould

The ACS Broadcast mould offers a comfortable, custom fit solution for use with broadcasting or radio equipment.

Top ten Products

Universal PU Foam Ear Tips

3 pairs of replacement universal PU foam ear tips.

Silica Gel Packets

Silica Gel Packets have indicating beads that turn from Orange to Green when 60% absorbed.1 Silica Gel Packet inside your zip pouch with your in-ear monitors will help reduce moisture build up.
5 supplied.

ACS Wax Pick

Cleaning tool designed to remove wax or debris from your ACS product.
Use regularly to ensure the tubes stay clear and prolong the life of your products.