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ACS T2 Dual Driver IEM

A completely reinvented T2 bringing a host of features to a world-beating dual driver monitor..

A completely fresh approach

The T2 represents a completely fresh approach to dual driver in-ear monitor design with a complete ground-up redesign. The all-new dual driver design and custom crossover bring improved range, clarity and accuracy to the T2 giving you an in-ear monitor with power and breadth that are ideal for the live environment whilst keeping your sound accurate enough for mix monitoring and intricate vocal performances. The T2 brings new depth and sparkle to your sound and to your performance.

The same accommodating approach

Just like any ACS product, the T2 is manufactured from soft medical grade silicone giving you a fit like no other earpiece. We use the softest material in the industry to give you unparalleled isolation in the most demanding environments with a consistent seal at all times and, because your earpiece can flex with your ear as you move or sing, your monitors stay comfortable without fatigue or irritation. In addition to comfort and isolation, using silicone allows us to seal the speakers into the mould and take control of their acoustic environment, this means we leave no room for the shape of your ear to affect how your monitors will sound or for your drivers to misbehave so they sound just as our technicians intended every single time.

So much thought into such a small object

ACS in-ear monitors are designed and produced according to some simple principles that we think help us to focus on what’s important rather than just chasing the pack. Our earpieces are flush and discreet in the ear, we don’t just throw more drivers into the mix in the hope that it will make the monitors sound better, particularly if that means delivering ear shattering volumes. We pay attention to every aspect of the T2, from the 3.5mm plug right to your eardrum to make sure it’s performing as it should and we don’t do as others do if we don’t believe it is right. Based on our proprietary cable design, the T Series offers removable cables featuring one of the smallest and most resilient connections around. Keeping the connector as small as possible means that we can keep the cable discreet and mounting the socket right in the silicon means your cables will stay put in performance but come loose if the cable is pulled from the ear minimising the risk of damage. Not only that but by simply moving the pins from the plug on the cable to the socket in your monitor we’ve minimised the chances of damage to the cable even when it’s not connected. With the pins in the socket sunk into your earpiece there is no chance of them coming to harm and with no pins at the cable end at all it’ll take a lot more than a size 13 Doc Marten to put you in need of a replacement.

 The home of audio innovation

In choosing ACS you’re choosing a refreshingly different approach to innovation. Our products have been designed and refined by everyone from our customers and sales people to our lab technicians and acoustic engineers so you can benefit from all of their combined experience. With a dedication to leading rather than following the field, ACS has set the bar for second generation silicone in-ear monitor design leaving others replicating our first generation breakthroughs.



SRP £529

*Please check pricing with your dealer when booking your appointment.

This product does not feature built-in, sub miniature, wideband, flat response microphones.

ACS T2™ In-Ear Monitor now available from Selfridges (Tel: 01295 266665) for more information.

Available in the following silicone colours:


Includes T2 In-Ear Monitors, 3.5mm to 1/4" Step-Up Adaptor, Kevlar™ Cable, Laser Etching, Soft Carry Pouch, Personalised Hard Case, Care and Maintnance Leaflet, Cleaning Tool and Comfort Cream.

Colour options:

ACS T1 and T2 (including Live! Series) available in:


Smoke Grey

Extension cable (1.1 metres) - £15


Product Downloads

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We'll keep your ears on file...

ACS is pleased to announce the introduction of a new state of the art scanning technology that means ALL customers that order custom made hearing protection and in-ear monitoring products from ACS will have their ear shape on file at ACS for up to 4 years. The device will scan the impressions and save as a file on the database so customers can order new products or replacements instantly without the need to have new impressions taken. What's more, this service will not cost customers anything extra on top of the standard product charge, it is just a little something we want to do to make your experience with us even more enjoyable!

Please be aware that the scanning service began on May 1st 2010 so will only apply to customers that ordered thereafter. 


Reviewed in the Financial TImes

ACS T2 custom in-ear monitors and the custom-fit sleeves for Etymotic ER-6i featured in the Financial Times 'How to spend it' section in March 2008.

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Pro Sound News Europe

ACS monitors and hearing protection featured in the January 2008 edition of Pro Sound News Europe.

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Stephen Fry bathes in the delights of his T2s

In his Dork Talk column for the Guardian, Stephen Fry confesses that his T2s turn him to the 'happiest puddle of butterscotch Angel Delight in Britain'.

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A Very Complete Review of the T2

One of the most detailed reviews of the T2 IEM.

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T2 Customer Comments

...I can’t believe how amazing they sound and the detail in the music they provide is incredible...  

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How to Buy

Image Find your nearest ACS dealer from hundreds across the UK.

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Please note - ACS products require good deep impressions in order to create a seal in the ear so it is important there is no wax block in the canal that will stop the audiologist from taking an impression. If you think you may have a wax build up, please visit your local GP for a consultation before booking an appointment with a dealer. You may be charged a fee if the audiologist is unable to take an impression. 

Pendulum use ACS monitoring and protection



Pendulum use ER series hearing protection, our T1 and our T2 monitors for their live performances.
Visit pendulum.com for more band info.

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'Detox for the ears'


Mark Mondesir writes :
'For the past few months I have been using the T2s as earphones for my iPod/CD player/Powerbook etc.
I call the experience "Detox For The Ears".'
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In-Depth T2 Review on Head-Fi


The detail, precision, extension (for an IEM), transparency/clarity, smoothness, everything is simply incredible! Think SR-404 highs, but with more smoothness and substance! No harshness, sibilance, graininess, nothing! I'd really be clutching at straws if I said there was something not right about the highs .
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John Wheatcroft writes

ImageI’m hugely indebted to Andy and the guys at ACS for their fantastic products and wonderful customer services...

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Where can I buy ACS products?

ACS products are available from a nationwide network of Audiologists as well as directly from us at our offices in Banbury. You'll need to make an appointment to have impressions taken which will then be sent on to us to allow us to manufacture your custom-fit products. To find your nearest Audiologist see the complete list on our Find A Dealer page. Please note that production time is always dependent upon orders received.  The skills and experience involved in making our hand-crafted products are not acquired overnight so employing more staff, whilst increasing our labour force, does not bring an immediate reduction in production time - please bear with us in times of increased demand for our products

Deafness Research UK

ACS believes that everyone deserves to enjoy good hearing and great music, so we have chosen to support Deafness Research UK.
This remarkable charity works to find better treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus, bringing the public vital hearing health messages and supporting people with a wide range of hearing impairments. To continue the good work, this charity really needs your support too.
As a music lover you can appreciate just how precious your hearing is and how terrible it would be to lose it, so please help us to support Deafness Research UK in finding the life-changing treatments needed to help millions of people with hearing conditions.
To find out more or donate to Deafness Research UK, please click here .