ACS PRO Series Hearing Protection

 The PRO range from ACS sets a new standard in musicians hearing protection offering a nuber of features that create a great experience for the wearer allowing you to listen and perform in comfort and with impeccable clarity.

The PRO filters feature a new smaller footprint so that any size of ear can use a PRO earplug comfortably and discreetly whilst its sheathed outer provides splash-proofing allowing them to be used outdoors or when perspirating. The PRO series also have a vented design that allows sound to escape from the ear canal which reduces the occlusion effect (noise booming in a blocked ear) making them ideal for vocalists and wind players.

Please call us if you would like advice on which product to purchase or where to obtain our products.

The PRO Series*  hearing protectors feature interchangeable filters. With the ability to exchange your filters for a higher or lower attenuating filter within 30 days of purchase.

* Not available for the PRO 27


Image PRO-10

Softer attenuation for delicate and detailed acoustic performances...
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Image PRO-15

Specifically designed for acoustic and orchestral musicians and those playing woodwind or brass.
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Image PRO-17

The perfect plug for vocalists and those playing all kinds of amplified music.
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For higher noise environments where high frequencies pose a danger such as industrial noise.

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Image PRO-26
Robust protection with a clear response for very high noise environments.
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Image PRO-26 Communicator

Robust protection with a natural response and integrated high fidelity speakers.
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The strongest plug in the PRO range for seriously loud environments.
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ImagePRO-27 Communicator

High fidelity audio drivers combined with the robust PRO 27 hearing protector.
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Did you know? We also have a dedicated music website. See our full Hearing Protection range here


Alice Powell uses T-Series


Oxfordshire racer Alice Powell recently undertook her first race on the Valencia Street Circuit for the European Grand Prix.

Alice ended the 40 minute session in 9th place on the Friday practise (her highest ever placing in GP3 Series to date), and finished 11th on Saturday's qualifying. Despite a good start, a series of unfortunate events including a crash resulted in a premature ending to Alice's race.

Commenting on the weekend, Alice said “This weekend has been tough. It started out well, and it shows I am getting closer and getting used to the GP3 car. The races were very action packed and I am gutted that we did not get a decent result. The crash in Race Two was quite painful. I have had my back checked out and all is fine apart from bad bruising on my heels. Huge thanks again to my sponsors and everyone at Status Grand Prix. Hopefully I can reward them with a great result soon ”

 Alice is one of our latest additions to use ACS monitors in a racing environment.

She commented on Twitter about her new ACS monitors: 'My T3 earpieces courtesy of @ACSCustomUK ! So comfy & great colour'. 

ACS T3™ Single Driver In-Ear Monitors are small, lightweight, discreet and with exceptional accuracy. Alice chose these monitors to be colored a bright fluorescent pink with the ACS logo on the face.

For more information on our T-Series In-Ear monitors, see here

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We'll keep your ears on file...

ACS is pleased to announce the introduction of a new state of the art scanning technology that means ALL customers that order custom made hearing protection and in-ear monitoring products from ACS will have their ear shape on file at ACS for up to 4 years. The device will scan the impressions and save as a file on the database so customers can order new products or replacements instantly without the need to have new impressions taken. What's more, this service will not cost customers anything extra on top of the standard product charge, it is just a little something we want to do to make your experience with us even more enjoyable!

Please be aware that the scanning service began on May 1st 2010 so will only apply to customers that ordered thereafter. 


Protection for Motorsport

ACS offer custom-made hearing protection for motorsport to prevent hearing damage caused by the immense road noise experienced at high speeds.
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Play Safe Now, Hear Tomorrow

ACS has launched a major campaign in hearing conservation and offering high-fidelity hearing protection solutions for education. This has received positive support from the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine, Action On Hearing Loss and The Musicians’ Union together with other major music-education institutions. Read more here

XL Video recommend the ACS full service package

Managing Director of XL Video Chris Mounsor explains why he chose ACS to provide complete hearing screening and protection solutions.


Vote for the Bionic Ear Show

You know just how important your hearing is. At Deafness Research UK, we support research into treatment and cures for hearing loss and tinnitus. But we also work to prevent hearing problems for future generations and this is where our Bionic Ear Show is so important.

The Show has been shortlisted in the Best Health project category of the 2012 National Lottery Awards. And that’s where you come in. Voting opens on 26th June and closes on 22nd July 2012. This is our opportunity to win valuable national publicity, we need as many votes as possible. .'

Please vote for the Bionic Ear show today!

ESPN Rugby presenters

ESPN Rugby presenters use the ACS T3 in-ear monitors to isolate the instructions from the production team from the stadium noise.

Simon Dukes, Head of Rugby at ESPN explained; 'Our Rugby presenters work pitchside and as such have to work around high ambient noise levels whilst presenting. In this type of environment it is difficult for them to hear the producers and guests with standard earpieces. We needed a solution that isolated the radio sound from the ambient noise safely whilst also looking as discrete as possible on camera. ACS' T3 in-ear monitor does just that and now our presenters can hear the producers and guests with much better clarity enabling them to achieve high presentation standards more easily.'

Heather Keenan from Kraft Foods comments

ACS has provided Kraft Foods with not only a top quality hearing protection product, but the care and attention that matches our needs. The European noise at work regulations means Kraft Foods requires a hearing protection supplier that is ready to cater for changes in the workforce at any time to ensure all of our staff are protected. An ACS representative regularly visits to take ear impressions for new employees and the product is always manufactured in impressive time. It is clear to see why ACS has such a good reputation as its hearing protection products are superb and put that together with excellent customer service, it certainly makes my job a lot easier.

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Please note - ACS products require good deep impressions in order to create a seal in the ear so it is important there is no wax block in the canal that will stop the audiologist from taking an impression. If you think you may have a wax build up, please visit your local GP for a consultation before booking an appointment with a dealer. You may be charged a fee if the audiologist is unable to take an impression. 

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Andy Shiach

ImageFind out more about ex-musician and owner of ACS Andy Shiach and why he's passionate about caring for hearing.
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Where can I buy ACS products?

ACS products are available from a nationwide network of Audiologists as well as directly from us at our offices in Banbury. You'll need to make an appointment to have impressions taken which will then be sent on to us to allow us to manufacture your custom-fit products. To find your nearest Audiologist see the complete list on our Find A Dealer page. Please note that production time is always dependent upon orders received.  The skills and experience involved in making our hand-crafted products are not acquired overnight so employing more staff, whilst increasing our labour force, does not bring an immediate reduction in production time - please bear with us in times of increased demand for our products

Deafness Research UK

ACS believes that everyone deserves to enjoy good hearing and great music, so we have chosen to support Deafness Research UK.
This remarkable charity works to find better treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus, bringing the public vital hearing health messages and supporting people with a wide range of hearing impairments. To continue the good work, this charity really needs your support too.
As a music lover you can appreciate just how precious your hearing is and how terrible it would be to lose it, so please help us to support Deafness Research UK in finding the life-changing treatments needed to help millions of people with hearing conditions.
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